News Center -TDO– Italian Ambassador to Turkey Massimo Gaiani and his spouse Carolina Gaiani hosted a reception at Italian Embassy in Ankara within the scope of "Festa della Repubblica" (Republic Day), which was celebrated for the transition of Italy from the monarchy to the Republic as a result of the popular vote held on 2 June 1946

Ambassador Massimo Gaiani, Turkish Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, ambassadors, military attaches and other guests attended to the reception.

Following the singing of the national anthem of the two countries, Ambassador Massimo Gaia made a speech and said “Italian Republic Day has been celebrated in Turkey for the first time in Turkey, and I am happy and proud to represent Italy in this wonderful country meets so well.”

Ambassador Gaiani, emphasizing the common Mediterranean identity between Turkey and Italy and said "Resulting from our closeness and brotherhood common Mediterranean identity between our countries, as shown in the perspective of the counterparty friendly based on mutual respect and understanding, is a tangible sign of our long-standing disputes friendship."

Referring to the economic relations between the two countries, Ambassador Gaiani also said, "Turkish-Italian cooperation is a unique example in terms of reliability and the opportunities promised by the future."

There are many examples of opportunities to strengthen our commercial cooperation in the third markets, from defense to the automotive industry, from the defense industry to the banking sector. It is of particular interest to both public institutions and Italian and Turkish companies, universities and research centers. Investing in innovation will greatly enhance our partnership," Mr. Ambassador also stated in his speech. 

Evaluating Italy and Turkey's NATO cooperation, Ambassador Gaiani stated “Italy and Turkey share international stability and a common vision to strongly depend mold security issues in peacekeeping target is in close cooperation within the NATO framework."

Minister Pekcan also made a speech and said that Turkey and Italy have excellent relation both in commercial and economic fields.

Recalling the Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) Agreement signed between the two countries in 2017, Pekcan said, "We believe that the JETCO agreement has made significant contributions to mutual trade and economic ties.”

Referring the investment opportunities, Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated, "This success, we need to continue the story. We always felt the support of the Italian government for Turkey's EU integration and thank you. Turkish people has also increased recently its activities and investments in Italy and this will continue. Turkish firms and Italy's well-known contracting firms are undertaking joint ventures around the world, and I believe that there are great opportunities in this respect and we can expand this partnership in third countries, the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus. I congratulate Italy's National Day.”

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