A reception in Ankara held on the occasion of Armed Forces Day of Italy.

The Italian Ambassador to Ankara, Luigi Mattiolo together with Attaché for Defence, Daniele Civico hosted the reception at the Embassy. The chefs of mission, military attachés and officials from Turkish Armed Forces joined the reception in the capital city.

Civico said in a statement that since the beginning of the 20th century, a soul shattering and great war has ended on 4 November 1918 and on this day, 98 years ago, Italy's unification process has completed through a collective movement of the Italian community.

Civico also stressed that the contributions of the Italian Armed Forces have a widely accepted value in the history of Italy since the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps of Italy supported the civil defense in the areas hit by the earthquakes, providing security and working to stabilize the overseas crisis.

Civico also respectfully commemorated people who lost their lives in July 15 coup attempt in Turkey and stated that Italy always stands by those democratically elected and condemns all kinds of rebellions.

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