Serhat Önalp -TDO- Italy's Ambassador to Turkey, Massimo Gaiani, issued a statement on the occasion of Italy's National Day, which is celebrated every year on 2 June. Ambassador Gaiani began his remarks by expressing that the people of Italy commemorated the democratic election that Italy had made in 1946 to declare a republic.

This year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, June 2 can't have friends in these days that is meaningful to themselves, whether regretful ambassador stating she added: “organized on the occasion of National Day receptions, combining close ties to Italy and has had the opportunity to celebrate friendship and always Turkey bit. As our cultural affinity shows, we are two Mediterranean countries. As NATO allies, we work together for our common goal of developing the alliance's southern flank. Italy supports Turkey's EU aspirations.”

"Italy and Turkey show solidarity in this crisis process. When Italy became the first country in Europe to be harshly affected by the ongoing outbreak, Turkey sent medical supplies to our side and so much for it we appreciate it.”

The Italian Ambassador as a token of appreciation, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation of Italy and the Foreign Minister about Italy that a lot of people contains articles including "Le Pizza [In]Visibili" (the invisible Squares) named e-book published and added that Italy and most recently he invited everyone to visit.

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