İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said Mexico would only stay in NAFTA if it suits to Mexican conditions and rejected the imposition of any tariffs or quotas when renegotiating the trade deal.

In his speech to the senate, Videgaray told "We will remain if it suits Mexico". He added "NAFTA is not an act of faith, or a dogmatic position, it is an instrument to generate jobs". Additionally he stated that "The executive branch, via the economy ministry, will not accept any modification that implies damage or doesn't benefit the national economy".

Previously, Trump has vowed to exit the North American Free Trade Agreement which is aims regional economic cooperation between USA, Canada and Mexico, established in 1994. Moreover, as a part of his strict approach about refugees, he requested mass deportation of immigrants including Mexicans from USA and building a wall on Mexican border to prevent further illegal migration.

Yesterday, Trump gave his first speech to the American Congress. He reserved some minutes in his talk about Mexican Wall. He said ‘’ Soon, we will start building the wall and when the constructed is completed, it will be a great weapon against drug smuggling and crime’’. Besides, he said USA would impose a new immigration policy similar to Australia and Canada as accepting qualified immigrants to its territory. He argued, wages would be increased by this way.

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