As part of an inquiry into corruption allegation, Israeli police question PM Netanyahu. Netanyahu and his wife have been under scrutiny for a while now

Mahin SIDDIKI – TDO –The justice ministry has said that Netanyahu was questioned regarding “receiving benefits from business people”. He has been accused of being the recipient of thousands of dollars’ worth “improper gifts” from domestic and international businessmen. The PM was questioned in his residence at Jerusalem for three hours, according to Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Opponents of PM Netanyahu have called for an investigation regarding his affairs, after various scandalous incidents throughout the years—none of which have resulted in charges again the PM.

PM Netanyahu has denied the allegations of his accusers ahead of the actual questioning. He has warned the media and the opposition party to not celebrate “because there is nothing” to be found and celebrated.

According to BBC, the allegations against Mr Netanyahu are as follows:

  • An investigation was opened last month concerning the new purchase of submarines from Germany, following the claims of Mr Netanyahu’s lawyer being present during negotiations, furthermore, representing him during negotiations.
  • Convicted French fraudster Arnaud Mimran has said that he had donated hundreds of thousands of Euro’s to Mr Netanyahu’s 2009 campaign—a claim that the PM has denied.
  • An Israeli TV report had revealed that Mr Netanyahu had spent $127,000 of public money on changing and customizing his bedroom on a single flight to the UK, during times when Israel was under-going austerity measures. Netanyahu and his administration have said that the PM was unaware of the costs.
  • After Mr Netanyahu’s first term as Prime Minister, the police had said that he and his wife, Sara, should face criminal charges for keeping official gifts that should have been handed over to the state. These charges were later dropped.
  • The couple were also accused of making the government pay for the work a private contractor did for them. These charges were also dropped later.

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