Mustafa AY – TDO – 13.06.2018 On Tuesday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned with regards to the new corruption matter by elite police unit known as ‘Lahav 433’. Netanyahu’s one of the closest advisors Nir Hefetz, who undertook the duty of consultancy in charge of Media and Communication Affairs, gave testimony to Lahav 433 within Case 4000. According to the testimony presented by Hefetz, PM Netanyahu abused his position with the aim of having Israeli communication company named ‘Walla!’ between the years of 2014-17. In the news of Walla!, it is highly impossible to encounter any unfavourable coverage about Netanyahu and his wife Sara, as underscored by RT News. Since Walla! Company is publishing and broadcasting news concerning mostly political progresses in Israel as a part of communication giant Bezeq, which may potentially distort the political facts in favor of Netanyahu,  Lahav 433 commenced a new probe named Case 4000 in order to reveal whether Netanyahu got involved in corruption.

Apart from Case 4000, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has face with three distinct charges brought by Lahav 433. Those charges are known as Case 1000, 2000 and 3000, which Netanyahu committed offences encompassing corruption, bribery, fraud and impeachment as indicted Lahav 433. Within Case 1000, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu received vaulable gifts such as high-priced jewelleries from Israeli Hollywood Producer Arnon Milchan. As for Case 2000, PM Netanyahu is claimed to have made secret conversation with Yedioth Ahronoth-owner Arnon Mozes. During the conversation, Netanyahu asked Mozes to cease the unfavourable and critical coverages against himself and his wife Sara. In return, PM Netanyahu allegedly offered Mozes to restrict the circulation of Israel Hayom, which is the main rival to Arnon Mozes’s Yedioth Ahronoth. Finally, within Case 3000, Netanyahu has been indicted for corruption in the affairs with German Shipping Giant Thyssen Krupp. In accordance with the deal, Israel was going to take 3 submarine and 4 attack boat.


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