Mustafa AY – TDO – 14.02.2018 Since the last months of 2016, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been processed through police investigation which aims at inquiring whether or not Netanyahu did what police investigation suggested the charges of bribery, corruption, fraud and breach of reliance. Since then, a special police team was assigned to question and scrutinize Netanyahu and his wife Sara’s alleged engagement in the matter of bribery, fraud and etc. According to the official accusations made against Netanyahu, he accepted the valuable gifts diversifying from expensive jewelry, pink champagnes, Cuban Cigars and so on and so forth from Australian businessman James Packer and a well-known Hollywood film producer Aron Milchan. From James Packer, Netanyahu accepted presents valued at 250,000 Shekels – equivalent to $71,000 –. Moreover, from Arnon Milchan, Netanyahu took presents valued at 750,000 Shekels – equivalent to $210,000 –. In return for all, Netanyahu assisted them on tax breaks and US visa matters, Police claim so.

The police documents of evidence compiled for the case of corruption and bribery will be referred to Israeli Attorney General so that the case would be examined and the final words could be made for the lawsuit. If the Israeli judicial upholds the indictments of the abovementioned charges, Israeli PM Netanyahu will be dismissed by the court decision. The case reflected Israeli society as an intriguing issue because they are not used to such cases. Recently, there’s been a poll carried out about if Netanyahu got engaged in the alleged charges. According to the result of the poll, 66% of the society believed in the allegations of corruption and bribery. Therefore, in the eyes of many Israelis, the confidence for Netanyahu is seemingly lost. But there are some rumors and speculations diffusing around with regards to the indictment. İsraeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin lastly spread a persuasive rumor suggesting that the police investigators are plotting against Netanyahu so that they could accelerate the process of overthrowing him.


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