Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.07.2018 On Friday, Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) launched a wave of strikes in which Israeli fighter jets and tanks got engaged. IDF’s decision on launching operation on Gaza Strip came after an Israeli soldier lost his life in an armed assail by Palestinians. Within the operation, IDF’s aircrafts conducted offensive strikes on pre-determined 40 targets belonging to Hamas. According to official statement released by IDF, Israeli aircrafts bombarded Hamas forces’ battalian headquarters, drone warehouse, air defense positions and observation posts in Gaza Strip. In addition to Israeli Air Forces’s offensive, Israeli Land Forces tracked armoured vehicles like tanks commenced offensive operations on specific targets of Hamas as well.

Since the severity of bombardments of IDF intesified, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called UN for taking objective steps so as to coerce Israel to end the operations. As a result of his call, Egypt facilitated ceasefire by reconciling the opposing parties –Hamas and Israel-. IDF’s offensive on Gaza Strip left 4 Palestinians dead and many civilians seriously injured. Besides, Hamas, which is predicted to lost many of its soldiers, didn’t make any official statement about its loss during bombardment.

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