Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.04.2018 After US President Donald Trump made an offensive remark ‘savage’ for Bashar Assad, 2 F-15 bombardment aircrafts belonging to Israeli Air Forces conducted a bombardment campaign on Syria’s military airfield named ‘T-4’ at the location of Homs territory. SANA news agency explained the awful incident with the utterance “air strike of Israel over Syrian forces resulted in martyrs and some wounded.”

Russian Defense Ministry released the official statement with regards to the air strike. They said that Israeli F-15s launched 8 guided missiles to T-4 military airfield. However, Syrian air defense batteries neutralized 5 of 8 bombs in air effective immediately. But, this successful prevention of 5 missiles did not hinder 3 of 8 from hitting the airfield.

Israeli F-15 aircrafts hit Syrian military airbase T-4 through Lebanese air space. According to the official statement by Lebanese Armed Forces, Israeli jets violated Lebanese air space for about 10 minutes. Israeli jets even launched their missiles from Syria’s Bekaa area to T-4 military airfield. Completing the mission, Israeli jets returned to Israel via Mediterranean.

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