Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.05.2018 On Monday, USA relocated its embassy in Tel Aviv to Western Jerusalem, which IDF has occupied for over 5 decades. After US President Donald Trump officially announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel in the last December, USA was denounced by almost every UN member states. Afterwards, UN arranged an emergency session and voted for the issue of Jerusalem’s recognition. In accordance with the voting, UN reached an unanimity suggesting “Trump’s decision is not acceptable and remained unrecognized for UN.”

Even if US President didn’t take part in the opening ceremony of new embassy in occupied West Jerusalem, his daughter Ivanka Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner and the Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin showed themselves in the ceremony by proxy. Jared Kushner made some remarks suggesting “If President Trump promise, he keeps it. Here he keeps his promise to Israel.” Following Kushner’s addressing to the crowds, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of Israel. Since Donald Trump didn’t take part in the openning ceremony, he sent a video message. In his message, he uttered “It’s been a long time that we failed to acknowledge the evident. From now on, Jerusalem belongs to its real owner!”

In the midst of inauguration of USA’s new embassy, thousands of Palestinian demonstrators were exposed to barrage of IDF in Gaza Strip. According to the official explanation of IDF, 35.000 Palestinian protesters organized mass protests in 12 different points of Gaza in a synchronized way. Even though Israel claimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with the aim of facilitating and promoting the peace in the region, its methods indicated otherwise so far since IDF’s committing atrocity against unarmed Palestinian protesters. IDF simply openned barrage to the Palestinian protesters and killed tens of them and left thousands injured. According to the information released by Palestinian Ministry of Health, 61 protesters were killed during the barrrage of IDF, while over 2700 got injured. There are some whose condition worsened since they got injured heavily. That IDF’s brutality against Palestinians led Israel to be labeled as ‘savage’ that is inconvenient to the contemporary civilizations.

The rationale that Israel is being stigmatized as ‘savage’ is stemming from IDF’s barrage against not merely Palestinian civilians, but also against Palestinian disabled and children. IDF’s cruelty irrespective of children and disabled people prompted reaction in international arena. South Africa called its ambassador in Tel Aviv back in order to show its stance in the case of both relocation of embassy and mass murder to Israel. UN Secretary Antonio Guterres released a statement referring Israel’s act of terror and said that the increasing death toll in Gaza Strip is worrisome. At the end of his statement, he denounced Israel for all the wrongdoings in Gaza Strip. Amnesty International interpreted Israel’s atrocity against Palestinian civilians as “ it’s the apparent testimony of Israel’s relentlessness.” As for Ireland, Irish government summoned its ambassador in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. On Monday, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared 3-day long mourning for all deaths in Gaza Strip and condemned Israel. Turkish government called international organizations to take strict action against Israel’s act of terror.


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