A senior Israeli military official told in a conference, conducted in Tel Aviv that Hezbollah fighters were using American-made armored personnel carriers which are originally given to the Lebanese army, in Syria. He added, they have informed US officials about the issue a few weeks ago.

There are many soldiers in favor of Hezbollah and they may provide A.P.C to the group. If there is a leak from Lebanese Arsenal to Hezbollah, it is quite possible that Hezbollah has richer destruction capabilities than we think.

The Lebanese Army command issued a statement denying that the vehicles had been taken from its arsenal, the local media reported that  M113 A.P.C.s are common in the region.

This is not the first time that USA given weapons to a friendly Arab state mysteriously transferred to terrorist organizations in the field. There are photos of Shiite militants using American-made weapons in Iraq. Also, it has been revealed that US and Saudi Arabia given weapons to Jordan, for Syrian opposition, had stolen by local intelligence service agents and sold in the black-market.


The Lebanese Army has just received Cessna aircraft and Hellfire missiles from USA.  The Israeli official said he believed that Lebanese officials were “smart enough” not to hand those into Hezbollah.

The Shiite militia and political party in Lebanon Hezbollah, is fighting against Syrian opposition and U.S. led coalition, with Russian and Iranian forces backed Bashar Assad.  Hezbollah has been determined as a terrorist organization by USA and Israel. Hezbollah is a border enemy of Israel. They had a month long fighting in 2006.  Israeli officials follow each step of Hezbollah. It is claimed that the organization have about 8,000 soldiers.

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