Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.07.2018 Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) bombarded Syrian Army positions. Surface to surface missile batteries belonging to IDF targeted Syrian Army deployed in Nairab Airfield located at Syria’s Aleppo. Syrian officials asserted the fact that no Syrian Army personnel was lost during bombardment, but only serious damages were made to army equipments.

Within the last 3 months, IDF conducted assault missions –comprising of air strikes and artillery shootings- on Syria. After Syrian projectile drop demilitartized zone ‘Golan Heights’ in 9-10 April, IDF’s aircrafts and artillery units bombarded Syrian Army positions effective immediately. Afteerwards, IDF encountered the same issue in 9-10 May. For this reason, IDF’s artillery units bombarded Syrian Army positions again. As a result of both bombing campaigns, IDF claimed that they executed offensive missions against Syrian Army on the grounds that Syria evidently contravened 1974 disengagement agreement with Tel Aviv administration by firing projectiles on demilitarized zone Golan Heights.

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