İrem UZUN -TDO- The Israeli military said its aircraft struck a number of targets in southern Syria belonging to the Syrian military on Monday in relation to a failed attack on Israeli territory a day earlier that was carried out near their shared border.

The Israeli military said it was responding to an alleged attempt by a group of four people to plant explosives along the line that separates the occupied Golan Heights and Syria. An Israeli military spokesman referred to them as "former terrorists", suggesting they had been killed. Israeli helicopters, jet fighters and drones struck Syrian observation posts, intelligence-collection systems, antiaircraft artillery facilities and command-and-control systems in Syrian army bases, the Israeli military said in a statement.

The Israeli raid came hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his government would attack anyone trying to harm it. "We will hurt anyone who tries to hurt us. This principle is valid," Netanyahu said. Syria's official news agency Sana reported that the Syrian army had activated its air defenses late on Monday against hostile targets near the capital Damascus. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that dawn air raids on the city of Boukamal, near the Iraqi border in the northeast, had killed 15 people.

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