A 51-year-old, full-time employee of the Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) has been arrested due to his Islamist declarations on the internet and sharing secret material. It has been announced that he has a family, formerly worked in a bank, converted to İslam two years ago and has been following Islamist networks in Germany, since April. It is argued that he was a follower of Austrian Isis fighter Mohamed Mahmoud-Mahmoud who was jailed for supporting al-Qaeda and expelled from Germany. Mahmoud have been seen in  an Isis propaganda video calling for terror attacks in Europe last year. It has been argued that suspect was planning a bomb attack “in the name of Allah” on the intelligence agency’s headquarters in Cologne. It has been estimated that there are 40,000 Islamists in Germany, including 9,200 ultra-conservative Islamists called as Salafist.

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