Abu Duaa al-Ansari, who is known as the leader of the Sinai branch of Islamic State has been killed with an airstrike attack, according to Egypt’s military
Egyptian military spokesman General Mohammed Samir stated on his Facebook page that with a series of airstrikes on Sinai Peninsula forty-five Islamic State fighters including Abu Duaa al-Ansari were killed and munitions used by terrorists were destroyed.
According to Daily Star, airstrikes targeted at the Sinai-based militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (“Soldiers of Jerusalem”) controlled by al-Ansari.
Daily Star adds that Abu Duaa al-Ansari was the mastermind behind the October 2015 downing of a Russian airliner, which killed 224 people, and also attacks made against United Nations personnel.
Egypt' army has performed military operations against Islamist insurgents in Sinai for several years, but attacks against them have intensified since the removal of former president Mohamed Morsi in August 2013.
Last month Egypt' army suffered one of its deadliest days in decades after militants thought to be members of Ansar Beit al-Marqis launched an attack in Sinai which killed 33 security personnel.
In addition to the incidents that took place, the Islamic State has not officially confirmed al-Ansari’s death.
By Serhat Tunar

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