Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Belgium, the Islamic Federation applied to open a school in the city of Charleroi but this application was not allowed. The Belgian authorities cited a possible traffic intensity as a reason for rejecting the application.

The school, which the Islamic Federation of Belgium wanted to open and named as Erdem, was planned to educate 360 primary school students in 3 thousand 500 square meters.

Raphael Stokis, the Zoning Office official said to Euronews that the school did not meet the transportation criteria.

Stating that the permits are being evaluated over different criteria, Stokis said that the projects presented should give priority to the traffic jam problem. Stating that if this detail is not taken into consideration, students have problems going to school. Stokis also said that traffic is very busy in the morning in the region where the Islamic Federation has applied. Stokis also added that if 360 children to go to school in that area, at least 100-120 more vehicles would be added to the current traffic.

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