News Center -TDO- The Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad (ITI) Freight Train, which was relaunched to increase the trade potential between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan by re-enabling the railway network between the countries of the region, made its first voyage.

The Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Freight Train, which was restarted as a result of the joint efforts of Turkey, Pakistan and Iran under the coordination of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), arrived in Ankara in 12 days and 21 hours after being bid farewell from the Margalla station of Pakistan-Islamabad.

A ceremony was held at the Old Station, as the ITI freight train, which departed from Islamabad on 21 December, arrived in Ankara.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Iran's Ambassador to Turkey Muhammed Ferazmend, Pakistani MP Mahdum Zaid Qureshi and many guests attended to the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, Ambassador Ferazmend stated that the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul Freight Train Project is an important project brought together by three sister countries.

Ambassador Ferazmend stated that this line connects Pakistan to Turkey via Iran and reduces the cost with transportation time. He plans to implement the passenger train project on the same line in the near future.

Pakistani Deputy Qureshi also stated that the aforementioned project will play an important role not only to increase regional connectivity, but also to promote economic and commercial activities in the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) region.

The train, which covered the Turkish track in 71 hours, traveled between Islamabad and Ankara for a total of 5.981 kilometers, Pakistan (Islamabad): 1990 km, Iran: 2.603 km, Turkey (Ankara): 1.388 km.

The Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad (ITI) Freight Train will contribute to the development of trade between the two countries with time and cost savings compared to sea transportation.

It is aimed that the train, which is also working for the return load from Turkey, will be regularized in the coming period and that the European connection will be provided by crossing the Marmaray.

150 tons of Himalayan salt was transported from Pakistan to our country by the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Freight Train.

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