English Imam Anjem Choudary who was preaching hatefully turned out to be a supporter of ISIS.
Anjem Choudary and Mohamed Mizanur Rahman were brought to judiciary as they were accused of pledging loyalty to ISIS and of recruiting for the terrorists.
Videos containing the footage of the perpetuators effort to convince people to support ISIS were used as proof in the courthouse.
Choudary and Rahman were wanted by the British Intelligence Services; thus as they were found guilty, they are going to be sentenced; the verdicted is going to be announced in September.
It is predicted now for Choudary that he is going to be sentenced for at least ten years along with his previous crimes for his activist tendencies in the name of Sharia law.
Intelligence sources confirmed that Choudary was in touch with more than 500 people who joined ISIS in the country.
Mete Ersöz

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