Is Another Intifada Coming?


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- It has been reported that President-elect Donald Trump ordered movement of the U.S. Embassy to Israel  to Jerusalem, from Tel Aviv. Senior Palestinian officials condemned this as it was against Oslo Accords and threatened to conduct protests in each mosque “from Pakistan to Tehran, from Lebanon to Oman’’. They reminded that   Palestinian recognition of Israel which was the milestone of peace negotiations might be in danger.

Senior Palestinian negotiator Mohammed Shtayyeh told that relocation of the embassy would provoke a reaction. He added “One of the measures we are considering seriously is the issue of mutual recognition between the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) and Israel. It would not be valid any more. ‘’

Also, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wrote a letter to Trump and other world leaders saying that this would probably had a disastrous impact on the peace process, two-state resolution and stability of the region. He acknowledged that Israel’s decision to annex East Jerusalem was against international law.

It is obvious  that moving American Embassy to Jerusalem would be risky because by doing this, USA would recognize Israel’s exclusive claim to the city where was annexed by Jewish forces in 1967.

However, it seems like new President of the U.S., does not care to any of these warnings. First, he appointed David Friedman who has questioned the two-state resolution and the end of illegal Jewish settlement in the region and then his administration declared this. Actually, US Congress passed the law that let the move of the embassy to Jerusalem in 1995 but none of his predecessors tried to do this. Moreover, it is claimed that his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, tender economic support to illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, through his family charity.

It is significant to remind that, in spite of the failure to solve the Palestinian problem, in each negotiation (Oslo Accords, Camp David, etc.) due to disagreement about borders; eastern Jerusalem remained as an untouched territory of Palestinians. Nevertheless, it seems like partial broker of the peace negotiations, USA, is about to change this. Movement of the embassy means the official American recognition of Jerusalem, as the new Israeli capital.

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