İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO-The Taoiseach (Ireland’s Prime Minister),  Enda Kenny, said in a joint press conference with President of the European Comission Jean-Claude Juncker that the deal between the EU and the UK should include a statement which would allow the north to easily return to Ireland.

Kenny said “In other words, that in such future time, whenever that might be, were it [reunification] to occur, that the north of Ireland would have ease of access to join as a member of the European Union again … We want that language inserted into the negotiated treaty, the negotiated outcome, whenever that might occur ” .

He gave the example of East Germany which was allowed to join West Germany and EU in a ‘’’ seamless fashion’’ after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Jean-Claude Juncker agreed with him and said: “We don’t want to have hard borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic, we don’t want to have the Good Friday agreement to put under risk and we want land borders to be open as possible”.

Recently, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from the National Frontmentioned that if she won the elections, she would organize a referendum to leave Eurozone (FREXIT). She argued that by this way, the compatibility of French products in the market would rise and it was a significant matter of independence. Also, her Leftist rival Jean-Luc Melenchon supports this idea too.

After British decision to leave Eurozone, experts warned that there might be a trend of referendums to gain independence in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Following, a Scottish referendum was conducted to whether to become an independentstate orto stay as a part of Britain. Voters were in favour of staying.  Now, it seemsa similar movement may emerge in Northern Ireland.

Besides, It seems economic ‘’ exits’’ led question about the future of the EU. Juncker, who is rumoured to have considered quitting over a lack of support among member states, told in the conference that he would not resign, would bring his mandate until 3 November 2019 when his term ends.

Last week, the new UN secretary general, António Guterres, said the current situation in World is largely ‘’chaotic’’ and a united Europe is important to prevent it to become worse.

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