İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-27.07.2017- Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Ibadi said Northern Iraq Regional Kurdish Government’s (KRG) decision to have an independence referamdum is ‘’illegal’’.

During his weekly briefing, Ibadi stated ‘’ We respect whole Iraqis decisions including Kurds. However, there is nothing like having an independence referandum single-handedly in the constitution. It is illegal and we will not recognize this’’.

Also, he asserted that there is a political chaos in Erbil. He said ‘’I warn them about upcoming referendum. If it happens, it will threaten all of us. We call everybody to solve our problems with dialogue. I’m sure that Kurdish people don’t rush about it’’.

Moreover, he gave some information about central Iraqi government’s operations against Deash. He acknowledged that their plans to save Telafer where is a Turkomen dominated area under the control of the terrorİst organization, were completed. He said ‘’ We had a little work to organize the troops that will join to the operation’’.

Furthermore, he replied gossips about him to leave his political party and join another for upcoming elections in April. He said ‘’ I can not think about elections unless whole Iraqi territory is saved.  I totally refuse allegations about election campaigns. I don’t have an idea to be a candidate in the election yet’’.

Besides, he noted the importance of re-settlements in the country as Deash is defeated in some regions. He said ‘’ If refugees come back to their homes, Deash will be successful. So, we have additional plans to make them come to their homeland’’.

It seems tensions will rise both in Iraq and in the region in September. Following the US intervention to Iraq in 2003, the new constitution was written ‘’seemingly’’ for unity in the country. However, starring with USA, many Western states helped this day to come. According to the law, it is absolutely illegal to have an independence referendum. Now, several Western leaders criticize the decision but continue to provide support to militants too. Actually, they do it for years. This outcome is not a surprise but may be another plan. The real problem is sincerety of Western powers in the issue.  The rule of law must be secured, rather than dangerous benefits of ‘’strangers’’. 

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