Şimal Çınar –TDO- The videos and photos that are being shared on social media show Iranian women who take off their headscarves and wave them on sticks. The individual women are seen while protesting in separate locations in Tehran and Isfahan as the movement has spread over the past days.

The protests started to spread when the Iranian women appear to be following the lead of Vida Movahed, a 31-year-old protester who took off her headscarf on the street during a wave of anti-regime protests in late December. The social media posts have been using the hashtag "The girls of Revolution Street," a tribute to Mohaved, whose original protest took place on the Tehran city center thoroughfare, also known by its Farsi name, Enghelab Street.

 She was detained for a few weeks and then released after the hashtag #WhereIsShe spread on social media platforms on Sunday.

According to the Iranian law women who allow their hijab to slip could be admonished by the religious police, but these forces have been less prominent under the regime of President Hassan Rouhani. Authorities also announced that women driving with improper head coverings would no longer be arrested. The easing of the enforcement has emboldened younger women to become more defiant, but recent incidents where they have removed their hijabs in protest could still lead to prison sentences.


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