Iranian Women, 38 Years ago Today, Walked Freely for The Last Time


News Center - TDO - Just 38 years ago, on March 8, 1979, Iranian women went out on the streets to protest against the headscarf law imposed by Khomeini.

In Iran, people came to the streets for political and religious freedom in Tehran, after the law came to force women to wear headscarves to get out of the house. The six-day demonstrations grew with mass participation of men as well as women and different occupational groups.

It was the last days when Iranian women could walk without wearing headscarves on the street. In April 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran was established, and after the regime change, the life of women became more difficult in Iran, reducing the legal marriage age to ten for girls and fifteen for boys.

It's hard to be a woman in Iran. From that day onwards, the situation of Iranian women goes from bad to worse. According to a report published on the Airal site, Iranian women are being abducted and sold abroad, especially in neighbouring countries. The Iranian regime is shown as the biggest responsibility of this situation. Because the Iranian regime is busy with raising mercenaries and terrorists to export the regime to various points of the world, instead of improving the living conditions of women, as seen in the news we published a few days ago. It seems that Mullah does not consider spending money on the welfare of his people.

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