Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.02.2018 Iranian army’s Chief of Staff Mohammed Bagheri explained that the operations aimed at annihilation of the opposition forces in the suburbs of Damascus will proceed as planned. Bagheri’s statements naturally led the concerns over the unilateral violation of 30-day long ceasefire resolution of UNSC to appear. These concerns are being considered as sensible on the grounds that Russia-Iran backed Asad regime forces are preparing for its offensive operation against opposition forces held Eastern Ghouta and other suburbs of Damascus, which means the imminent contravention of the truce that was unanimously reached on Saturday session of UNSC.

That Bagheri underscored the gravity of offensive action of Asad regime against the dissidents in Damascus suburbs was perceived as matter of paving the way for further conflict and further attempts at mass murder. As opposed to misperceptions, they will adhere to the conditions of truce in all around Syria, but not within the borders of Damascus. Bagheri’s statements could be observed as a step for legitimizing Asad regime’s offensive against Eastern Ghouta, which UNSC reached a consensus for on Saturday. However, Bagheri’s statements does not have any legal point because UNSC including in Russia (close partner of Iran and Asad regime in the conflict) reached a unanimity for especially Eastern Ghouta. 

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