Robert HARNEIS - TDO-(FRANCE) -The Iranian government is taking the geopolitical fight to United States’ backyard.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif traveled to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on Friday to meet with several officials after attending a U.N. session in New York City earlier in the week. He said "The resistance of Venezuela to the United States is very important for the people of the world and the people of Venezuela."

According to the Tasnim News Agency, Zarif said the United States is "creating instability and insecurity" in the Middle East and Latin America. "The resistance of Venezuela to the United States is very important for the people of the world and the people of Venezuela," Zarif was quoted as saying.

The Iranian Foreign Minister touched on the constant U.S. interference in Venezuelan affairs and the effects of their inhuman blockade of the Bolivarian Republic. "Without the interference of the United States, the people of Venezuela know how to live together and how to get along with each other," Zarif said.

"Wherever the United States steps, it brings instability and insecurity," he said, adding in the Middle East and the regions of South America and Latin America, the United States is creating "instability and insecurity."

Zarif reportedly made these comments during his meeting with the Non-Aligned Movement in Caracas on Friday.

Iran, like Venezuela, is facing an aggressive U.S. administration that seeks to isolate the Islamic Republic from the world using economic sanctions and threatening their allies from doing business with them. 

On Friday, Iran seized two British oil tankers that were traveling through the imperative Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. This move by Tehran has upset the United Kingdom and prompted them to summon the Iranian ambassador and threaten to freeze Iranian assets in the UK. This assumes that the Iranian government has been foolish enough to leave any of its assets in the UK.

There is little doubt that Iran has the full support of Russia and China in retaliating against Western high-handed behaviour.

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