Mustafa AY - TDO - 31.10.2017 Iran is conducting its annual military drill with fighter jets, bombers and drones. The military exercise is being held in Isfahan, the city of Iran’s nuclear facilities. According to IRNA news agency, the key object of the maneuver is considered to protect Natanz uranium enrichment plant. Iran’s decision on conducting its military drill in the area of nuclear plant can be attributable to 5+1 nuclear agreement at jeopardy of abolishment and Israeli Air Forces’ probable air-strike on Isfahan’s nuclear plants. Iran, with this military drill, is aimed at showing off its air forces’s capability and preparation to these countries.

Iran may think of that USA’s efforts to abolish the nuclear convention may threaten Iran with a possible air operation by US-Israel alliance. The possibility of an air-strike may come to true as the history of Iraq tells “we had gone through this in Osirak”. Osirak is the name of an Iraqi non-completed nuclear facility. Israeli Air Forces conducted an air-strike on Iraqi nuclear facility in the process of construction with the code-name “Operation Opera” in 1981. As a result of the intensive bombardment by IAF, Osirak nuclear facility was torn down with its staff. When taking factors of Israel-Iran hostility, Israel’s pressure on USA to abolish the treaty and also the Iraq case into consideration, Iran may be right to concern about this.

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