İrem UZUN -TDO- Iranian authorities cut off internet services to several politically sensitive parts of the country ahead of calls for renewed protests against the regime on Thursday. An unnamed source cited by the semi-official Iranian Labour News Agency said mobile internet service had been shutdown on Wednesday in Alborz province adjacent to the capital Tehran, the central province of Fars which includes the city of Shiraz, as well as the ethnically volatile provinces of Kordestan to the west and Zanjan to the east.

Social media posts and some relatives of people killed in unrest last month over hikes in gasoline prices have called for renewed protests and commemoration ceremonies for the dead on Thursday. State media, meanwhile, said intelligence ministry agents had seized a cache of 126 mostly U.S.-made guns smuggled to the central city of Isfahan from abroad.

In November, Iran shut down the internet for about a week to help stifle the fuel protests which turned political, sparking the bloodiest crackdown in the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic. The internet blockage made it difficult for protesters to post videos on social media to generate support and also to obtain reliable reports on the extent of the unrest.

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