Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.09.2018 On Saturday, four assailants shot eight members of Iranian Republican Guards, one journalist and many children and women dead by barraging on the crowds who were watching the military parade. In the midst of terrorist attack, Iranian security forces successfully neutralized two of four assailants and captured remaining two while they were escaping the ground. According to Iranian officials, the apprehended assailants were taken to the headquarter for immediate interrogation.

Following the bloody attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif held some specific foreign nations accountable for organisation of this bloody terror assail, so holding USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia accountable for the attack. Ramazan Sharif -Iranian Republican Guard’s Spokesman- announced that the bloody terror assault was organized by a factionist al-Ahvaziya terrorist organisation, whose origin is Arabic. Al-Ahvaziya has been financed by Saudi Arabia and his close allies since the terrorist organisation possesses Arabic roots, Sharif added to his words.

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