Selin ATAY-TDO-"The visit to Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo is made at the invitation of the high-level authorities of these countries in line with these policies," said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, adding that prioritizing the East and establishing good relations with Asian countries are part of Iran's foreign policy."

Rouhani said the Kuala Lumpur Summit was a good opportunity to address regional and global issues. He also said he would hold bilateral talks with heads of state who would attend the summit.

"The reason for this decline in relations with Asian countries is the cruel repression and illegal sanctions of the United States," Rouhani said, noting that economic relations with Asian countries have declined due to the sanctions. “These sanctions will not continue. All of the world's countries, especially those with traditional relations with Iran, want to have close and good relations with us." He added.

After the summit, Rouhani said he would visit Tokyo at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Abe. During his visit to Japan, “we will discuss other important issues, particularly the easing of bilateral relations between Tehran and Tokyo and regional security."he said.

Abe had indicated that as a U.S. ally with friendly relations with Iran, he could be a mediator between Washington and Tehran.

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