On 9th of July, Paris was witnessed the great meeting of opposition groups against Iran regime. National Major gathering of free Iran is an annual meeting that has been organized since 2004 in Paris by Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). This meetings deserve attention as the most important platform where opposition groups come together to mainly make their voice heard by the world public. This year major gathering and NCRI is started to take place more frequently in the world media in last couple of years.NCRI defines itself as the organization which raises voice against the continuously oppressive regime in Iran, mullah ruling and countless incidents that human rights violated. The efforts of these opposition groups created NCRI can be rooted and discussed starting from the years when the shah was overthrown. In fact, the ideologies that create every particular opposition group in the council today have been rooted much before than 80s and they differ from each other fundamentally. What bring together in a common ground all these oppositions which have different rationalities are simply their position against the regime and the synergy that can be occurred with a joint action? As like in the Middle East and in the every corner of the World, conflicts and power wars between groups coming from different origins like race, religion can be observed for hundred years in Iran, too however; the reason why the controversial discussions and voice of oppositions cannot be raised as much as other many countries may be the comparably strong power of closed politics and oppressive administrations of regime. Today, NCRI indicates that its main goal is, as frequently mentioned in the great gathering organized last week, a democratic, non-extremist, pluralistic, and non-fundamentalist government which will be concluded with the regime change. The main discussions stressed in major gathering and that NCRI have campaigned for years are rule of law, equality for all nationalities, gender equality, implementation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of expression and press, putting an end to discriminations against ethnic, religious minorities, and women, among others.The representative we contacted from NCRI has stated that the resistance against the regime is strengthening with hundred thousands of participants and supporters who attended this year gathering and increasing numbers each of every following year. The major gathering took place last Saturday draw attention not only gathering Iranians living in exile in different parts of the World but also gathering hundreds of internationally recognized reputable activists, many high-level politicians, political leaders, military officials, religious leaders, and former diplomats around the world. It is announced that former House Speaker in the U.S., former ambassadors to the United Nations, former New York City Mayor, former FBI Director are few examples for this year’s participants as much as many other parliament members from different countries. Also, it is known that some of the politicians from Turkey attended the meeting.During the major gathering, both Iranian opponents and the international supporters of the resistance significantly mentioned that there is an increasing fear in Iran regime for the rising power of resistance and nowadays Iran government hesitates from an uprising. To be able to make a comment about how true these opinions of resistance members, a comprehensive and detailed research will be helpful. For now, these opinions can be assessed as an efforts to create a public opinion and as an exaggeration. NCRI keeps its strong ties with the resisters in Iran while gathering together many Iranians in exile. It specifically clarifies that it is an organization which was established by Iranians to make heard the voice of Iranian resisters and while raising the awareness in world public opinion it does not demand any sort of aid or military intervention from other countries. Today, in the Middle East where global players such as the US, Europe, Russia, China involved, the current collapsed situation of Arab countries after Arab Spring is an explicit example of how the aids and the interests of the Imperial powers effect the lives of Middle East people. In such a situation, keeping a proper distance toward Imperial powers with attitudes and behaviors of Iranian opposition groups is important for the freedom of Iran which lasts centuries. Iran and its nation that the comparison of its history and culture with other artificial countries which are drawn on the map according the interests of some powers is not true will draw its own way. Although, NCRI has declared that it does not demand any aid or assistance from the Imperial powers while aiming to increase its recognition in world public, performing its operations of its headquarter in Paris and able to organize its meetings only in Paris create a significant risk for future and the aims of the resistance and the establishment that they claim it functions independently. Another important point which is seriously be emphasized and took attention is that NCRI and its armed force were in terrorist groups list of the important powers such as the U.S.A., the U.K. and the European Union just a couple of years ago. In such a short time period like 2-3 years, NCRI started moving out from these terrorist list day by day and it was started to be supported by these countries more and more. It will not be wrong to say that these changes of the Imperial Powers toward this council is very radical. The movements and strategies of Iran which stopped its nuclear energy program according to the agreement made with the Western countries one year ago should be examined together by considering the accelerating raise of the resistance in abroad and its relations with its neighbors. It is such an irony that hard to realize which country is standing behind or staying next to which country on the back of the curtains while we are watching the comedy goes on the stage.
Mithat Kemal Ýman

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