Selin ATAY-TDO-A spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry said EU countries ' attempts at a nuclear deal had not yielded results and that Iran was ready to take the fourth step towards reducing its commitments.

Iranian Foreign Spokesman Abbas Musevi made evaluations on the agenda at a press conference. 

Stating that If the European Union (EU) countries fail to meet their country's commitments, the fourth step is ready to suspend the commitments in the nuclear agreement, Musevi said, " The initiatives of the EU countries have not reached a result so far, and the proposals for a solution have not met. I hope we do not need the decision to take the fourth step and Europe will fulfill its commitments. Otherwise, we will take the decision to take the fourth step."

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also made assessments of Iran-UAE relations."I confirm that there are new developments in the UAE relations with Iran. We welcome any steps that will lower tensions and lead to mutual understanding with the countries of the region and especially the UAE. I hope that other countries in the region will come to the conclusion that they cannot find a better friend for stability and peace than Iran."

The protests in Lebanon are a domestic issue of this country, he said, and all parties and leaders wish to act in solidarity and ensure peace and oppose foreign intervention.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also criticized the case against Halkbank, accusing the US of "punching sanctions against Iran",  "These sanctions have no legal and international basis. It is unacceptable for a state to impose sanctions on an independent state. Whether this is Turkey or another state." said in his assessment.

Musevi, Iranian oil tanker named FIXED is behind the terrorist attack on the state support and the necessary investigations of the attack continued, saying that the report prepared for the attack was sent to the UN, he said. 

Iranian Foreign Spokesman Abbas Musevi said that they understood Turkey's concerns about the Operation Peace Spring, but those concerns should be resolved peacefully. Musevi also stated that since Iran is Syria's territorial integrity, he said they were ready to call mediation between Syria and Turkey.

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