Following nuclear negations and “lifting” embargos, Iran trying to play a role in the new world order, hit the wall in the meetings of Tashkent.Iran had applied for full membership to Shanghai Cooperation Organization and despite the full support of Russia, Iran’s application was declined. Iran’s application is declined on grounds of not meeting the required conditions for full membership on 23 June. Efforts of Iran encouraged by Vladimir Putin regarding the full membership came to nothing after decision to decline the application. The biggest obstacle for Iran for the membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was created by People’s Republic of China. China declared that on the on hand China wants to see India which is competing with China in the terms of economics and population, on the other hand China also wants Pakistan to become a member as a balancing factor against India.A consensus regarding that Shanghai Cooperation Organization is not fundamentally against Iran but Iran cannot be a part of the organization without overcoming some technical problems, is reached in the meetings.News Center

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