Iran was perceived as like a devil by all of the western countries in the 90s and 80s. Several notions such as Iranian Revolutions started with the leadership of Ruhollah Khomeini, regime export, Islamist terrorism and hogtie became widespread used in daily life.So-called 5+1, abolishment of the nuclear threat, metro bombings, bombing attacks, headings and ISIS that undertook full responsibility put Iran aside for the Western powers. Nevertheless, associating drugs that both demolishes common morals and social balance and were used as a tool to support and finance terrorism and violence, with Iran has never ceased. The link between Iran and drugs revealed itself once again on July 5 in Bulgaria. A tractor –trailer heading to Netherlands were stopped in Yambol, Bulgaria and the highest amount of drugs were seized since 2007. 200 kg Heroin with €9 million market value proved that Iran is still a nightmare for EU.News Center

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