Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.07.2017- Israeli Parliament, ‘Knesset’, convened to discuss concerning Mossad’s reports telling that underground weapon factories built up by Iranian Revolutionary Guards commenced production. Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Knesset has just been briefed by Eisenkot, Chief of Staff of IDF. During his briefing to the committee “Our priority is to identify the exact location of weapon factories and annihilate them. This situation poses imminent threat to Israel, and its citizens which compel us to intensify precautions against any possible attack coming from Hezbollah.”

UN’s steps as a referee during 2006 Israel-Lebanon led unanimous ceasefire by the parties. In accordance with 1559 resolution (2004), 1680 resolution (2006) and 1701 resolution (2006), Hezbollah and IDF asserted that

1-     They will not take any hostile step against each other, and accordingly will not take any position threatening each other,

2-    Hezbollah-controlled territories must be supervised by legitimate Lebanese government.

However, Lebanese government seems to have failed to fulfill its promise in 1559 resolution of UN. Because that Iranian Revolutionary Guards constructed underground weapon factories has vast effect on Lebanon’s both domestic and foreign affairs including in with İsrael. This is equivalent to that Iran increased its influence in Lebanon. If so, allegations of transgression of abovementioned resolutions by Israel is real.

In the first half of 2017, Hezbollah launched its first 500 km middle-range land-to-land missile. Besides this missile, Hezbollah showed anti-tank missiles and armed drones in Syria. How Hezbollah engineered these weapons without any technological infrastructure and knowledge is a question mark. As Hezbollah’s cause apparently supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah seems to have most likely benefitted from Iranian technology and engineering knowledge.

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