Mustafa AY – TDO- On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that they will partially withdraw from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action / 6-1 Nuclear Convention (JCPOA) unless remaining signatories fulfill their promises to mitigate severity of US sanctions targeting Iran's banking and finance as well as oil and petro-chemical industries. President Rouhani continued with that they refused to dispose of excessive heavy water and enriched uranium for now.

As well as these, the convention's remaining signatories has been given 60 days to commence the negotiations in and with USA on matters of alleviation of sanctions. In case of that remaining signatories would fail to convince USA of suspending sanctions or couldn't manage to reach unanimity in them, Tehran assured to restart uranium enrichment program. In addition to this, Tehran administration express their discontent with that Washington deployed its aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" to the region. Concerning USA military more, Rouhani regarded it as a provocation and an apparent testimony of psychological warfare.

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