Selin ATAY-TDO- President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks at a Cabinet meeting in Tehran, the capital city. While all Cabinet members attended to meeting with medical mask, President Rouhani did not prefer to wear mask.

Hassan Rouhani said they had surpassed the first wave in cases of new types of coronavirus, but the second wave could begin with the return of citizens who had been on holiday for the Feast of Nowruz.

Stressing that the government is responsible for the safety of people's lives, "Parks and gardens can be closed," President said.

“13 of Nowruz (when the families celebrate the day by going picnic) will not be the same as in previous years. We have no choice but to prevent the outbreak. Our people should know that these measures are taken for their benefit "Rouhani said.

"The people should be prepared for further restrictions from tomorrow," Hassan Rouhani said, noting that the National Council for the fight against Coronavirus has decided to increase the restrictions and that the plan will come into force this afternoon.

Stressing that the basic needs of the citizens will be provided, Rouhani said that "We have to provide the needs of the people such as electricity, water and food. For this purpose, all factories that currently produce food and necessary cleaning materials must maintain their production activities at the highest level.”

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