Selin ATAY-TDO-Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi slammed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for backing protesters in Iran on Sunday, describing a tweet from Washington's top diplomat as "hypocritical." 

He told Iranian state media that the demonstrations in support of Pompeo did not reflect the attitude of the General Iranian people. Describing Pompeo's statement as "disingenuous and hypocritical," Abbas Mousavi argued that these statements were far from intended to cause concern with the Iranian people and that the United States had bad faith in Iran.

"It is very interesting that the United States has expressed solidarity with the Iranian people under economic terrorism. This person (Pompeo) has said before that the people of Iran must be starved to surrender. "Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said.

A written statement from the White House on the demonstrations in Iran condemned the violent intervention used against the activists. "The United States is on the side of the Iranian people, who are organizing peaceful protests against the regime they are supposed to lead. We condemn the deadly interference and heavy communication restrictions used against the demonstrators. "

The Tehran administration announced that between 55 thousand divisions and 205 thousand divisions would be supported by the income from the petrol hike that caused the protests. Rouhani said he had instructed the budget and Planning Authority to invest the previously promised subsidies starting today.

It is not yet known whether this step taken by the government will be enough to calm the pulse of the street as the protests continue in places.

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