Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- A 10-day quarantine was declared in most of the country after the 4th wave of the new type coronavirus (Covid-19) in Iran and increased the case and death rates seen in the new Covid-19 variants.

The isolation, which began on April 10th, will be implemented in 23 of the country's 31 regions.

During Ramadan, which begins on April 14th, all schools, cinemas, theaters, and sports centers in 23 regions will remain closed and weddings, conferences, and other events will be banned, Health Ministry spokesman Alireza Raisi said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, today we have entered the fourth wave," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on state television.

It was stated that the Covid-19 variant, which appeared in Iran especially in the UK, was effective and that this type of virus entered Iran through Iraq.

Events such as weddings, travel, and neurosis celebrations during the holiday period for the Iranian New Year also increased the number of cases and deaths, and a total of 257 settlements were placed on red alert.

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