İrem UZUN -TDO- Iran on Monday accused France of fueling “extremism” after President Emmanuel Macron vowed to never give in to Islamic radicals.  “Muslims are the primary victims of the ‘cult of hatred’, empowered by colonial regimes & exported by their own clients,” Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.  “Insulting 1.9B Muslims & their sanctities, for the abhorrent crimes of such extremists is an opportunistic abuse of freedom of speech. It only fuels extremism,” he added.

On Wednesday, Macron supported a French teacher’s displaying of cartoons insulting Islam in his class. “France will never renounce caricatures,” Macron said, defending the teacher for “promoting freedom”.  Macron insisted on his position again on Sunday by tweeting, “We will not give in, ever.”  The comments drew a wave of condemnation throughout the Muslim world.

Iran’s parliament on Monday strongly condemned Macron’s defense under the guise of “freedom of speech.”  In a statement the lawmakers, shunning acts of sacrilege against Islam, said the French government “once again proved its evil nature.” They said “enmity on the part of non-believers towards Islam’s illuminating messages goes back long in history,” adding those seeking to attack divine prophets would usually resort to the “threadbare method of mockery”.  The MPs said rather than advancing “freedom of speech,” supporting such acts of sacrilege amounted to “the biggest instance of oppression against freedom” and profanity against the sanctities of more than one billion Muslims worldwide.

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