News Center -TDO- “A hybrid fashion event” will be held at Indonesia's embassy residence for promotion on April 7 and 8, 2021, hosted by the Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Lalu Muhamad lqbal.

Indonesia and Turkey have the same common; both are one of the biggest Muslim- populated countries and told to be the biggest market of modest fashion.

Turkey is known for their strong manufacturers therefore become one of the biggest suppliers of fashion worldwide. Indonesia is known for their progressive move in modest fashion industry through design innovations and programs. The country has thousands of brands; most of them are focusing creating covered clothes for modest look. Events and new initiatives in this sector are being produced every day from one city to another- throughout the country. However, the pandemic hit the fashion industry to the new low and the brands are still trying their bests to survive despite all the challenges.

The Embassy of Republic of İndonesia in Ankara and #Markamarie (known as aggregator of modest fashion in Southeast Asia) try to connect two countries together in the name of fashion through an event titled Introducing İndonesia.

The event will be held on April 7-8 from 2PM-4PM (Turkey time) in Indonesian Ambassador’s Residence in Ankara and will highlight fashion shows by 7 fashion brands as well as performance and presentation to introduce Indonesian fashion and culture.

The 7 brands mentioned are Elzatta (pioneer of modest fashion brand with hundreds of stores), Wearing Klamby (one of the highest engagement brand with 1,6 million followers), Jawhara Syari (leading brand focusing on syari style - full covered style), Tethuna (brand focusing on Karavvo Embroidery supported by Bank İndonesia Gorontalo), Medina Zein (urban modest brand led by famous entrepreneur Medina Zein) and two emerging brands Restu Pratiwi (focusing on office wear) and Hwan Eco Ethnic (scarf brand with ethnic designs). Many of the brands have high following in social media. Beside the fashion shows, there will be also Angklung (Indonesian music instrument) performed by Indonesian Ladies Association in Ankara (Dharma Wanita Persatuari KBRI Ankara) and also fashion presentation Prelude to Indonesian Fashion by #Markamarie.

The brands created their special collections to be shovvcased at the event.

“Through this fashion diplomacy, we are aiming at connecting the hearts of the two Muslim  nations, İndonesia and Turkey, closer than ever”, stated H.E Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, the Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia for Turkey sharing about the reason to organize the event.

The Ambassador further elaborated that the First Lady of Turkey, Madam Emine

Erdogan will be attending the event on 7 April 2021.

Collaboration is a key message for fashion industry in this challenging era. Franka Soeria, co-founder of #Markamarie said fashion can survive only when brands support each other through various activations.

"We want to introduce ready to wear brands of Indonesia to Turkey. Indonesia offers diverse style with the touch of east meet West. İn this event, we bring brands which consist of the pioneer, the digital Champion, the leader of Syari (famous full covered- Indonesian style), the modern ethnic, the urban look, the edgy look to the scarf brand with fresh prints. Indonesia is not only a big market but also a big source of creativity, we hope we can collaborate with Turkey better,” told Franka.

“Introducing Indonesia” A Hybrid Fashion Event has invitation-only policy for its onsite show due to public safety consideration. Strick health and safety protocol are applied throughout the event. However, for participation public can register via Public can also watch the event online via Youtube channel: Indonesia in Ankara.

“İt is not easy to organize an event during this pandemic, however we realize that brands need activations to survive in the market. Event like this will trigger the market to be more resilience,” told Franka Soeria

Ambassador lqbal further said further said, “We will continue to find ways and means to make our peoples closer, despite of the challenge of the pandemic”.

“We are proud of being able to bring and introduce 7 well-known Indonesian fashion designers to the modest fashion communities in Turkey. We hope this event will serve as a platform to know each other and to initiate business in the area”, Ambassador lqbal further added.

“Introducing Indonesia” is also supported by various companies: Ekipman, Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia, Ottogonale, Mecan Agim Makeup Studio, Elzatta, GD Global and JJ Royale. Also supporting as community partners are MUSWIB, İstanbul & I, Council of Modest Fashion, Hijab Latipo America and Modest Russia.

For More Information about the Event:


Instagram: @introducingindonesia @indonesiainankara @markamarieofficial

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