INTERVIEW WITH PABLO MARTIN ASUERO: THE DIRECTOR OF THE CERVANTES INSTITUTE IN ISTANBULI conducted an interview with Mr. Pablo Martin Asuero, the director of Cervantes Institute in Istanbul about the language policies of Spain, his works, and the importance of travel literature in politics.Can you introduce yourself to us a bit? I am from San Sebastián (Spain) in 1983 I spent a year as a foreign student in Albuquerque, New Mexico in a High School, later on I studied Spanish (Literature and Linguistics) in Spain and got a scholarship in 1991 to study Turkish at Istanbul University, and started to teach at the Istanbul Technical University, at that time I decided to do my Ph.D. on Spanish observers in the Ottoman Empire. I went back to Spain for my Master thesis, I taught in the Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Beauvais, France), got a job as a teacher in the Cervantes Institute of Beirut and then was posted as a director to Istanbul, then to Damascus and now to Istanbul again.By Derya AgişYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of March

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