News Center -TDO- The Ancyra Chamber Orchestra's ‘Music life around us -26’ concert, hosted by Italian Ambassador Massimo Gaiani, was held on International Women's day with Gülsin Onay as soloist and Nil Venditti as conductor.

The event, held at the embassy, was attended by ambassadors and distinguished invitees.

A minute's homage was held for the martyrs before the concert.

Ambassador Gaiani, who made the opening speech at the event, stated that he had doubts due to the tragic events in Turkey and Italy and said he had consulted his Turkish friends on this issue. The advice given indicated that he eventually decided to do the event. Ambassador Gaiani said there were two reasons for taking this decision, adding that his first goal was to alleviate the current grief and suffering, and his second goal was to believe that women would contribute to peace.

Ambassador Gaiani said in a statement: “There is a wonderful community of women who represent excellence in their own right. The Ancyra Chamber Orchestra was founded 30 years ago and has since shown its talents on the national and international stage. One of the members who presented me with the idea of this concert and my friend was the violinist Zeynep Erkan and I am very grateful for that.

It is therefore my honor to present to you the extremely talented Gülsin Onay, who has captivated audiences around the world. He holds the title of State Artist and is the soloist of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Ankara. He will perform for us as a soloist. It's also a pleasure for me to have Nil Venditti, a young woman whose career has made waves in a traditionally male-dominated world. “

Zeynep Ersavcı, speaking on behalf of the "music life around us" Group, thanked Ambassador Gaiani for hosting this concert.

Ersavcı, who provided information about the orchestra, said: “Our group is the Presidential Symphony Orchestra 2. Our goal is to introduce the classical music life around us to diplomats. We're not an association. Our programs are organized through Zeynep Erkan's personal relationships with musicians who are as closely connected to each other as they are anywhere in the world.

We would like to thank our biggest supporter, Lucie Kafkova, the spouse of the Czech Ambassador, who introduced us to diplomatic missions.

The highlight of tonight's event, although it is International Women's day, is in memory of our young soldiers who tragically lost their lives and we hope to be in solidarity with all those who fought against the horrific coronovirus outbreak in Italy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

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