Selin ATAY-TDO- International Union of Muslim Scholars, headquartered in Doha, capital of Qatar, held a meeting under the title of “Statement from Muslim Scholars”. Following the meeting, a fatwa signed by more than 200 scholars was published.

In the fatwa text, it is stated that “All agreements done under the efforts of normalization and peace with Israel are forbidden by religion, superstitious by the Islamic law and major crime; it is a betrayal of the rights of Allah and his Messenger, the Palestinian people and the Islamic ummah.

In the text, it was said that the agreement, which was reached by some Arab countries and Israel, is not considered as a step to peace. It was even said that these agreements were seen as an act of giving up the most sacred and fertile lands.

Muslim Scholars also expressed that the agreements made under the name of normalization mean “to see the invader enemy and his illicit crimes as justified”. Besides, it was also stated in the fatwa text that these agreements are allowing enemy to invade the whole Palestine and to create a hegemonic regime in the Middle East, mainly the Gulf countries.

Muslim scholars condemned the congratulations of some scholars and fatwa institutions for the normalization agreement, stating that they opposed the violation of Islamic law in order to consent to the ruling rulers.

In contrast to Palestinian predicament not being merely a political issue, it was emphasized that the existence of Masjid al-Aqsa, which is one of the three holy mosques according to Islam, is within the scope of the Palestinian cause.

In August 13, the agreement reached by Israel and UAE to “normalize their relationship completely” was announced by the US President Donald Trump. With this agreement, UAE became the third Arab country that signed an agreement with Israel after Jordan and Egypt to normalize their relationship.

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