News Center -TDO- Hosted by Bangladesh's Ambassador to Turkey, Allama Siddiki, and his spouse, Rashna Farruk Siddiki, an event was held at the Ankara Monec Hotel on International Mother Tongue Day and Language Martyrs Day.

Gümüşhane University Rector Prof. Halil Ibrahim Zeybek, as well as many diplomats and invited guests attended.

Gümüşhane University Rector Prof. Halil Ibrahim Zeybek recalled that Turkey recognized Bangladesh on 22 February 1974 on the occasion of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Summit) held in Lahore and reminded that Turkey's Embassy in Dhaka was opened in 1976.

Stressing the importance of historical relations between the two countries, Zeybek said: "We, like all South Asian Muslims during the war of Independence, always remember with gratitude the material and moral support our Bangladeshi brothers gave us."

In his speech, Ambassador Siddiki addressed the struggle of Bangladeshi students for their mother tongue in 1952 and the process leading to independence.

In contrast, there is no local language being spoken in the world every two weeks, he said, stressing the importance of language diversity around the world.

The aim of the International Mother Tongue Day is the protection and development of these languages, he said.

In the plantation, the embassies of Thailand, Turkmenistan, Colombia, Indonesia, South Korea, Bangladesh and the Çankaya Hoytur Folk Dance Group performed One Show.

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