Selin ATAY-TDO- It has been suggested that the International Criminal Court (ICC) could open an investigation into war crimes committed by the British military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The BBC noted that the ICC takes "very seriously" the findings in news reports that the British military has committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The UCM prosecutor's Office said the findings on the incidents would be "independently assessed" and a decision to investigate would be made following this.

In an earlier decision on the UK, the ICC had concluded that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that British troops had committed war crimes in Iraq.

A joint investigation by The Times and the BBC had revealed evidence of new crimes by British soldiers. According to the research, the British Ministry of Defence and some senior commanders prevented internal investigations into these crimes from being processed.

The cases covered up include the killing of 3 children and a teenager by a British soldier in Afghanistan in 2012, and the deaths of 2 detainees at a widely tortured camp in Basra, Iraq, in 2003, according to The Times and BBC reports.

The British Ministry of Defence issued a written statement denying the newspaper's claims.

The Ministry rejected the claim that it had interfered with the investigations, saying in a statement: “the decisions of the prosecutors in the investigations were taken independently of our ministry."

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