Representatives of the agricultural biochemical firm named Hi Tech AG from Austria has visited the Edirne commerce chamber (ETSO).
ETSO president Recep Zıpkınkurt as the host of the visit, ETSO council president Mehmet Eren, Edirne commodity exchange (ETB) president Özay Öztürk, ETB council president Fedai Canım, Keşan commodity exchange president Yusuf Yörük, Edirne commerce of agriculture president Cengiz Yorulmaz, İpsala commodity exchange president İbrahim Girgin, Trakya Birlik representatives and other firms in agricultural sector has attended this company visit.
High Tech AG general manager Paul Freeman presented the nano technological agricultural products produced by using super molecule. He also shared many other innovative agricultural medicine, plant fertilizers, soil conditioners and agricultural production operations with ETSO representatives.
Freeman mentioned super molecule which was produced 40 years ago is used today in many fields varying from cosmetic to agriculture. His company met super molecule three years ago and they took the right of use. Freeman made explanations about super molecule and its usage field by stating that Hi Tech AG is the only firm operates in agriculture field and has right of use of super molecule in the world. Freeman said that his firm applies super molecule technology to the agriculture. Since last three years, they are developing step by step and expanded their market in three continents. Freeman explained the production of 70-80 types of fertilizers and chemicals made by super molecule and also mentioned that they can cure many epidemics by using super molecule.
Freeman stated that they penetrated the Greece market short period of time ago and agricultural products produced by using super molecule has a wide spread usage in Greece market. Moreover, he stated that they could reach very optimistic results for the cures of some epidemics which does not have any cure.
Freeman pointing out that they aim to present super molecule in different places in Turkey says that in proper conditions they want to host representatives coming from Turkey to Austria.
Mete Ersöz

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