İrem UZUN -TDO- A suspected Islamic State (ISIS) radical stabbed Indonesia’s chief security minister Wiranto as he was stepping out of a vehicle on Thursday, leaving two deep wounds in his stomach and injuring three others in the attack. Wiranto was later rushed by helicopter to the capital Jakarta. The other three victims, a local police chief and two aides, had no life-threatening injuries, the hospital said.

Footage showed the minister falling to the ground after emerging from his car as security personnel moved in to defend him. Panicked aides bundled him back into the car as police pinned down the suspect.

The suspects were identified as 31-year-old Syahril Alamsyah and 21-year-old Fitri Andriana. “For the time being, the suspicion from Banten police is the man is likely to have been exposed to Isis radicalism while the woman is still being investigated,” said the national police spokesman, Dedi Prasetyo. It was not immediately clear if either were members of one of the dozens of radical groups that have pledged loyalty to the Islamic State group in Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim majority nation.

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