Selin ATAY-TDO- Indonesian president Joko Widodo has reiterated his country’s opposition to Israel’s plan to annex parts of occupied West Bank during a phone call with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas.

"President [Mahmoud] Abbas specifically requested a direct conversation with President Joko Widodo to inform the latest situation in Palestine after the announcement of the Israeli annexation plan was delayed," Achmad Rizal Purnama, the director of Middle East Department at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said, speaking at a virtual news conference on Thursday.

The Indonesian leader said his country strongly rejects the annexation plan because it is considered illegal under international law, during a phone talk held on Tuesday. "Indonesia rejected the plan to move the embassies of several countries from Israel to Jerusalem," Widodo added.

The Palestinian leader, for his part, also appreciated Indonesia's commitment in supporting the Palestinian cause.

The two presidents discussed the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas factions in Palestine. "Palestine is ready to continue the negotiation process to resolve the conflict with Israel within a multilateral framework and President Abbas personally asked Indonesia’s support for the process," the director of Middle East Department at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said.

Beside from the Palestinian cause, Abbas also mentioned about humanitarian crisis faced by Palestine amid the the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Joko Widodo promised that Indonesia will also provide an assistance fund of $1 million to help Palestine handle the crisis.

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