Street protest against Christian governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who is being prosecuted for allegedly insulting the Quran, has overflowed with racial slurs against his Chinese ancestry. It led safety concerns for Chinese minority that makes up 1% of its 250 million people.

Indonesian governor Purnama light-heartedly commented on surahs of Quran about friendship with Jews and Christians, in September. Following the event on November 4, bloody street protests has been conducted, one killed and hundreds injured.

After the event police named him as a suspect in the blasphemy case but not arrested him. Hard-line Islamist protesters promised to organize more sensational demonstrations in Friday.

Notable thing is protesters out flowed the debate into Purnima’s Chinese ethnicity and it has been concerned that protesters may attack to Chinese minority groups and Chinese neighbourhoods.

Similar events had been happened in late 1990’s with the additional stress caused by economic crisis in Asia markets. In 1998 dictator Suharto tried to derive focus from government policies to Chinese minority. His policies led marginalization of ethnic Chinese population, restricting them to certain business, roles, and portraying them as uncaring and corrupt. Frustrated and poor native Indonesians took out their anger on Chinese minority and their property.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim population and the third biggest democracy in the World. Millions of Ahmadis, Shi’ites and Christians living in the country safely but because of the rise of radical İslamism, peace is under threat. Actually 1945 constitution was majorly secular. As federal government made states free to impose Shariah rule in 2003, Ace became the first state that is ruled according to Shariah. In recent years thousands of people punished as they were having ‘close’ relations with opposite sex, gambled, drunk etc. Also, it has been argued that there were many Indonesian citizens who joined ISIS

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