News Centre -TDO- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech on 9 July as part of the online event “India Global Week 2020”, which will continue for 3 days with the theme of India and a better New World and will welcome 5,000 participants from across the world.

In his speech on the revival, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “in these times, it is natural to talk about revival. Linking global revival and India is equally natural. There is a belief that the global revival story will see India play a leading role. I see that this is closely linked to two factors. The first of these, around the world, saw the contribution of India's talent power. This includes Indian professionals, doctors, nurses, bankers, lawyers, scientists, professors and our hard-working labour. Who can forget the Indian tech industry and technology professionals? They've been leading the way for decades. India is a strong home of talent who wants to contribute. And always ready to learn. There is a two-pronged taskfunding that is very useful.

The second factor is India's ability to reform and rejuvenate. Indians are natural reformers! History has shown that India has overcome all difficulties, whether social or economic. India did this in a spirit of reform and rejuvenation. The same spirit continues now.

On the one hand, India is waging a powerful war against the global pandemic. By focusing more on people's health, we are equally focused on the health of the economy. When India talks about rebirth: rebirth with care, rebirth with compassion, rebirth that is sustainable for both the environment and the economy. In India, we belong to a culture where Mother Nature is worshipped by all. In India, we believe the Earth is our mother and we are her children.”

In remarks on India's economic developments, Prime Minister Modi said India remains one of the most open economies in the world. The prime minister continued his speech: “we are laying a red carpet for all global companies to come and establish their presence in India. Very few countries will offer the opportunities that India does today. There are many possibilities and opportunities in various sunrise sectors in India. Our reforms in agriculture offer a very attractive investment opportunity to invest in warehousing and logistics. We open doors for investors to come and invest directly in the hard work of our farmers.”

Prime Minister Modi, who also said India is ready to do what it can for greater global good and prosperity, punctuated his remarks by saying: “this is an India that reforms, performs and transforms. This is an India that offers new economic opportunities. This is an India that takes a people-centred and inclusive approach to development.”

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